The cities of Agra, Mathura, and Vrindavan are among the most visited tourist destinations in India, and they are located just a few hours away from each other. Kolkata to Agra Mathura Vrindavan Tour Packages provide tourists with an opportunity to explore the three cities at their own pace and convenience.

We at "Holidays DNA" at have prepared Kolkata to Agra Mathura Vrindavan Tour Packages. These packages offer a great combination of sightseeing, adventure activities, cultural experiences, and much more.

Kolkata to Agra Mathura Vrindavan Tour Packages allow you to experience some local cuisine along with a variety of shopping experiences. You will have plenty of opportunities to take photographs of these beautiful cities.

Our travel experts personalize the Kolkata to Agra Mathura Vrindavan Tour Packages to meet your travel needs. They are experienced and knowledgeable about the prominent sightseeing spots of these cities.

Popular Sightseeing Places in Vrindavan that can be visited with this package

1. Shri Radha Raman Temple

Shri Radha Raman Temple is a significant pilgrimage site and a popular tourist attraction in Vrindavan. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, specifically in his form as Radha Raman, the temple holds immense religious importance for devotees.

The temple's architecture showcases intricate carvings and beautiful frescoes, transporting visitors to a bygone era. The presiding deity, Radha Raman, is adorned with intricate jewelry and colorful garments, captivating the hearts of worshipers.

2. Nidhivan

Nidhivan, Vrindavan

Nidhivan is a mystical and revered destination that enthralls tourists and devotees alike. It is believed to be the sacred forest where Lord Krishna and Radha performed their divine pastimes.

The lush greenery and serene ambiance of Nidhivan create a captivating atmosphere for spiritual seekers. The ethereal beauty of the forest, combined with the divine aura, makes Nidhivan a must-visit if you are seeking a unique spiritual experience in Vrindavan.

3. ISKCON Temple

ISKCON Temple, Vrindavan

The ISKCON Temple in Vrindavan is a popular tourist destination that offers a rich spiritual and cultural experience. It is also known as Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir and is dedicated to Lord Krishna and showcases stunning architecture with intricate carvings and ornate decorations.

The temple complex also includes a museum showcasing exhibits on the life and teachings of Lord Krishna. The beautiful gardens surrounding the temple provide a serene setting for meditation and reflection, completing the holistic experience for tourists and devotees.

4. Shri Banke Bihari Mandir

Shri Banke Bihari Mandir is a popular tourist destination for devotees and travelers alike. It is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and showcases remarkable architectural beauty. Its walls are adorned with intricate carvings and vibrant paintings that depict the divine love between Radha and Krishna.

You can also witness mesmerizing rituals and participate in enchanting bhajans. The temple complex also houses various smaller shrines, beautiful gardens, and a serene courtyard, offering a serene retreat for spiritual seekers.

5. Prem Mandir

Prem Mandir, Vrindavan

Prem Mandir is a captivating tourist destination renowned for its exquisite beauty and spiritual significance. Dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha, the temple showcases intricate architecture and breathtakingly detailed marble carvings.

The temple complex is a visual delight, adorned with vibrant paintings, ornate sculptures, and enchanting light displays. Prem Mandir is a must-visit if you are seeking a spiritual and aesthetic experience.

Popular Sightseeing Places in Mathura that can be visited with this package

1. Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir, Mathura

Birla Mandir is a popular tourist attraction that showcases magnificent architecture and offers a serene spiritual experience. It is also known as the Birla Temple or the Gita Mandir. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, the temple is adorned with intricate carvings and ornate marble work.

The temple complex features a beautiful prayer hall where devotees can participate in devotional ceremonies. Birla Mandir is a cultural and architectural marvel. It offers a delightful experience for tourists seeking spiritual solace and aesthetic beauty.

2. Shri Krishna Janmsthan

Shri Krishna Janmsthan, Mathura

Shri Krishna Janmasthan is a significant pilgrimage site and a major tourist attraction in Mathura. It is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna, one of the most revered deities in Hindu mythology. The complex comprises the Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple, which houses the prison cell where Lord Krishna was born.

You can marvel at the divine idol of Lord Krishna and immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere. The temple complex also includes various other shrines, museums, and galleries depicting the life and legends of Lord Krishna.

3. Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarkadhish Temple, Mathura

Dwarkadhish Temple is a revered pilgrimage site and a popular tourist destination. Dedicated to Lord Krishna in his form as Dwarkadhish, the temple showcases exquisite architecture and intricate carvings.

The deity of Lord Krishna, adorned with ornate clothing and jewelry, is a sight to behold for visitors. The Temple complex also features beautifully landscaped gardens and a serene courtyard.

4. Govardhan Hill

Govardhan Hill, Mathura

Govardhan Hill is a revered pilgrimage site and a captivating tourist attraction. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna lifted the hill on his little finger to protect the villagers from torrential rains. The hill is believed to be infused with divine energy and is surrounded by numerous temples and sacred sites.

You can embark on a parikrama of the hill, offering prayers at various shrines along the way. The panoramic views from the hilltop are breathtaking, showcasing the picturesque landscapes of Vrindavan.

5. Vishram Ghat

Vishram Ghat, Mathura

Vishram Ghat, situated along the holy Yamuna River, is a renowned tourist spot and a place of great religious significance. It is believed to be the spot where Lord Krishna took a rest after defeating the demon Kansa. The ghat offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere for meditation and spiritual reflection.

Pilgrims and tourists flock to Vishram Ghat to take a holy dip in the sacred river and perform religious rituals. Visitors can also enjoy boat rides on the Yamuna River, offering picturesque views of the surrounding temples and ghats. Vishram Ghat is a must-visit destination for its religious sanctity, cultural charm, and scenic beauty.

Popular Sightseeing Places in Agra that can be visited with this package

1. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, Agra

The Taj Mahal is an iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most famous architectural marvels in the world. It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century as a mausoleum for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It is a testament to eternal love and beauty.

The Taj Mahal's symmetrical design, intricate marble inlay work, and exquisite craftsmanship will leave you awestruck. It is a shimmering white marble structure that reflects different hues with the changing sunlight, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

2. Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri, Agra

Fatehpur Sikri is a captivating UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist destination with red sandstone monuments. It was built by Emperor Akbar in the 16th century and served as the capital of the Mughal Empire for a short period.

The architectural marvel of Fatehpur Sikri showcases a fusion of Islamic, Hindu, and Persian architectural styles. The complex features stunning structures like the Buland Darwaza, Jama Masjid, and the intricate Panch Mahal, allowing you to experience the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Mughal era.

3. Agra Fort

Agra Fort, Agra

Agra Fort is once again a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist attraction. Built by Emperor Akbar in the 16th century, the fort showcases a seamless blend of Islamic and Hindu architectural styles. The red sandstone fort complex encompasses palaces, courtyards, mosques, and gardens.You can also explore the Diwan-i-Aam (Hall of Public Audience), Diwan-i-Khas (Hall of Private Audience), and the breathtaking Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors).

The fort offers stunning views of the Taj Mahal from its vantage points, adding to the allure. Agra Fort is a testament to the grandeur and opulence of the Mughal Empire, providing visitors with a glimpse into India's rich history and architectural splendor.

4. Tomb of Akbar

Tomb of Akbar, Agra

The Tomb of Akbar is a remarkable mausoleum that pays tribute to Emperor Akbar, one of the greatest Mughal rulers. The tomb showcases a unique architectural style, blending Islamic, Hindu, and Persian influences. It is a red sandstone and marble structure that features intricate carvings, stunning inlay work, and spacious gardens.

Inside, visitors can admire the grand cenotaph of Emperor Akbar and experience the serenity of the tomb's interior. The peaceful surroundings and well-maintained gardens make it ideal for contemplation and reflection. The Tomb of Akbar is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and those seeking a tranquil retreat.

5. Itmad-ud-Daulah's Tomb

Itmad-ud-Daulah's Tomb, Agra

Itmad-ud-Daulah's Tomb is a remarkable mausoleum with great historical and architectural significance. It is often referred to as the "Baby Taj" due to its resemblance to the iconic Taj Mahal. Empress Nur Jahan built this tomb in memory of her father, Mirza Ghiyas Beg. The tomb features exquisite marble inlay work, intricate lattice screens, and beautiful gardens. The delicate craftsmanship and intricate detailing make it a sight to behold.

Visitors can explore the serene interior, adorned with intricate paintings and marble carvings, while the surrounding gardens offer a tranquil setting for a leisurely stroll. Itmad-ud-Daulah's Tomb is a hidden gem of Agra, providing visitors with a glimpse into the rich architectural heritage of the Mughal era.

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